The Practice Station

Welcome to The Practice Station!  Our vision is to create a golf practice facility unlike any other.  We have transformed what was a nine hole golf course into a practice facility with 7 mini driving ranges and 3 practice holes.  The mini driving ranges, (aka stations) provide situational practice for better course play.  The goal is to be able to create any scenario that would be encountered on the golf course.

Practice with hitting any club, from any distance, in any situation. At The Practice Station, you get the opportunity to hit from the rough, fairway, over water, in sand, and around trees.

You can also come and play our 3 practice holes, or schedule simulator time (year-round), to practice your golf game as if playing 9 or 18 holes on the course.

Our golf practice facility is designed for golf improvement; which means not every shot you hit or encounter at our golf practice facility will have a perfect  lie or a level stance. Our goal is to challenge you and put you in difficult situations, this way you are not intimidated when you play out on the course.

You will get experience hitting narrow tee shots, over (or under, through, or around) trees, in sand, over water, or out of thick rough. It is our goal to not only create perfect conditions, but make a challenging golf practice facility that better prepares you for scenarios encountered by golfers on a daily basis.

The Practice Station also has plans to add another indoor TrackMan simulator and a year-round heated driving range, so you get the chance to practice your golf game year-round!

Everything we have created for you is for your improvement in mind. Enjoy the challenge to make yourself a better golfer!

Bucket Pricing

  • Small Bucket
    40-50 Balls
  • Medium Bucket
    70-80 Balls
  • Large Bucket
    100-110 Balls
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Learn About Our TrackMan Range Coming Spring Of 2020

Using The Practice Station has really helped focus my practice for my results on the course. A shot that seems fairly acceptable on the range is suddenly a 10-yard miss when using a station at The Practice Station. This is really helping me to narrow my field of misses for to better scoring on the course. I’ve lowered my handicap index to 8 and shot 3 consecutive rounds in the 70’s for the first time in my golfing career.

Kirby Schuller